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sensemakr: Sensitivity analysis for linear regression

For R user, install from CRAN via:

> install.packages("sensemakr")

Or install the latest development version from Github via: 

> install.packages("devtools")

> devtools::install_github("chadhazlett/sensemakr")

For Stata users, install from SSC with

> ssc install sensemakr, all replace

KRLS: Kernel Regularized Least Squares

For R users, KRLS can be installed from CRAN:

> install.packages("KRLS")

For STATA users, it can be installed from the SSC repository:

>ssc install krls, all replace


kbal: Kernel Balancing

For R users,  find current versions of the kbal at my Github repository. You can install with:

> install.packages("devtools")

> devtools::install_github("chadhazlett/kbal")

scqe: Stability-controlled quasi-experiment

Available at

> install.packages("devtools")

> devtools::install_github("chadhazlett/scqe")

Ami Wulf has made a browser-based application for the stability controlled quasi-experiment with aggregate data \\

pERPred: Principle ERP reduction and analysis: Estimating and using principle ERP waveforms underlying ERPs across tasks, subjects and electrodes. 

For R users,  install from Github:

> install.packages("devtools")

> devtools::install_github("emjcampos/pERPred")

Emilly Campos has also made two browser-based browsers to demonstrate and explore the method:

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